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carbon Steel pipe and fitting
   Equal & Reducer Tee
   SR & LR Elbow
   Ecc & Con Reducer
   Carbon steel Cap
   Carbon steel Bend
   Carbon steel Cross
   Carbon Flange
   Seamless Steel Pipe
   ERW Steel Pipe
   API steel pipe
   Line pipe
   Alloy Steel Pipe
   Galvanized Steel Pipe
   Hollow section tube
   45 D oblique three-way
   Reduing Elbows
   Hot-dip Galvanized coil
   Prepainted steel coil
   Galvalume Steel Coil
   steel plate
Stainless Steel Materials
   Lap Joint & stub end
   Stainless steel Seamless Pipe
   Stainless Steel Welded Pipe
   Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings
   Stainless Steel Flange
   Stainless steel Plate &coil
   Stainless Steel bar & section
   Stainless Steel valve
   Oval Ring
   UNS S32750 Steel Pipe Fittings
   UNS S32760 Steel Pipe Fitting
Duplex Stainless Steel
   Duplex Stainless Steel Pipe
   Duplex Stainless Steel Elbow
   Duplex Stainless Steel Reducer
   Duplex Stainless Tee & Cross
   Duplex Stainless Steel Flange
   Duplex Stainless Steel Stub end
Nickel Alloy Steel Materials
   CuNi70/30 C71500
   Nickel Alloy seamless pipe
   Nickel Alloy Fittings
   Nickel Alloy Flange
   titanium alloy
   ASTM B466 C70600 CuNi90/10
   CuNi 66/30/2/2 Buttweld Fittings
   CuNi90/10 Fittings
   Copper Tube
   Hastelloy C276
   Hastelloy B2
   Hastelloy B-3
   Hastelloy C22
   Hastelloy X
        Forged fitting
   Swage nipple
   Bull plugs
   Threaded elbow
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Miscellaneous Steels and Ferrous Alloys 2012-1-15

Miscellaneous Steels and Ferrous Alloys

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ASTM Equivalent
K19965 Alloy Steel(Bearing Steel)
ASTM A485 (3)
K19990 Alloy Steel(Bearing Steel)
ASTM A485 (4)
K20622 Alloy Steel
ASTM A710 (B)
K20747 Alloy Steel
K20902 Alloy Steel
ASTM A707 (L6)
K20934 Alloy Steel
ASTM A707 (L5)
K21205 Alloy Steel
ASTM A734 / ASTM A734M (A)
K21390 Alloy Steel
ASTM A739 (B22)
K21509 Alloy Steel
ASTM A199 (T3c), ASTM A200 (T3c), ASTM A213 (T3c), ASTM A369 (FP3b)
K21590 Alloy Steel
ASTM A182 (F22), ASTM A199 (T22), ASTM A200 (T22), ASTM A213 (T22),
      ASTM A234 (WP22), ASTM A335 (P22), ASTM A336 (F22, F22ASTM A),
      ASTM A369 (FP22), ASTM A387 (22), ASTM A541 (6, 6ASTM A), ASTM A542
K21604 Alloy Steel   ASTM A514 (E), ASTM A517 (E)
K21650 Alloy Steel   ASTM A514 (P), ASTM A517 (P)
K21703 Alloy Steel
ASTM A203 / ASTM A203M (A)
K21903 Alloy Steel
ASTM A333 (7), ASTM A334 (7)
K22035 Alloy Steel
ASTM A32 (FR), ASTM A234 (WPR), ASTM A333 (9), ASTM A334 (9),
      ASTM A714 (V)
K22036 Alloy Steel
ASTM A350 (LF9)
K22103 Alloy Steel
ASTM A203 / ASTM A203M (B)
K22375 Alloy Steel
ASTM A508 (4, 4A, 4b)
K22573 Alloy Steel
ASTM A469 (2)
K22578 Alloy Steel   ASTM A470 (2)
K22773 Alloy Steel
ASTM A469 (3)
K22878 Alloy Steel   ASTM A470 (3, 4)
K23010 Alloy Steel
ASTM A470 (8)
K23205 Alloy Steel
ASTM A471 (10)
K23477 Alloy Steel
ASTM A579 (21)
K23510 Alloy Steel
ASTM A355 (D)
K23545 Alloy Steel
ASTM A336 (F31)
K23550 Alloy Steel
ASTM A723 (1)
K23745 Nitriding Steel
ASTM A355 (B)
K24040 Alloy Steel
ASTM A649 (1B)
K24045 Alloy Steel
ASTM A290 (G, H, I, J, K, L)
K24055 Alloy Steel
ASTM A372 (7)
K24064 Alloy Steel
ASTM A540 (B24)
K24065 Alloy Steel
ASTM A355 (A), ASTM A519 (E7140)
K24070 Nitriding Steel
ASTM A540 (B24V), ASTM A579 (22)
K24245 Alloy Steel
ASTM A291 (4 to 7)
K24562 Alloy Steel   ASTM A288 (4, 5, 6, 7, 8)
K24728 Alloy Steel
ASTM A355 (ASTM A), ASTM A579 (23)
K31509 Alloy Steel   ASTM A199 (T4), ASTM A200 (T4)
K31545 Alloy Steel
ASTM A182 (F21), ASTM A199 (T21), ASTM A200 (T21), ASTM A213 (T21),
ASTM A355 (P21), ASTM A336 (F21, F21), ASTM A369 (FP21), ASTM A387 (21)
K31718 Alloy Steel
ASTM A203 / ASTM A203M (D)
K31820 Alloy Steel
ASTM A372 (6)
K31830 Alloy Steel
ASTM A182 / ASTM A182M
K31918 Alloy Steel
ASTM A333 (3), ASTM A334 (3)
K32018 Alloy Steel   ASTM A203 / ASTM A203M (E)
K32025 Alloy Steel   ASTM A350 (LF3)
K32026 Alloy Steel
K32218 Alloy Steel
ASTM A707 (L7)
K32550 Alloy Steel
ASTM A579 (31)



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